Strong technical operations profile with 20 years experience from the maritime, energy sector and offshore wind joins Green Ducklings
Kristian Jacobsen
1 November 2022

As a key step to roll out our vision for Green Ducklings 2.0, we are very happy to welcome Carsten Hyldgaard Nielsen to the team at Green Ducklings as Consultant.

Carsten has dedicated the past 20 years to offshore wind with positions as Operations Manager, O&M Manager, Improvement Officer, Consultant, Project Manager and various interim assignments in Danish and international companies. Further he holds a B.Sc. in Technology and Marine Engineering topped with a B.Sc. of Commerce, topped yet again with an Executive MBA in Management of Technology.

In totality a scoop for and a welcomed addition to the Green Ducklings team!

Some of his key contributions from previous positions are:

  • OPEX costs reduced by 10% due to improvements.
  • CAPEX increase of 3% gives OPEX saving of 20% due to large operational window.
  • Logistical saving of 30% due to capacity improvements.
  • Availability increases of 2% due to planning.
  • Contract saving of 15% due to global supply chain and frame agreements

At Green Ducklings Carsten will support clients to tap into some of the above optimizations, and leverage his insights into port operations and logistics. His first project is to lead an ongoing engagement to map port infrastructure for floating wind across key markets in Europe.

The mission remains unchanged; to help improve any company’s odds for success in offshore wind! As part of the expansion mandate granted to us under ownership of Integrated Wind Solutions AS, we are constantly on the outlook for offshore wind talents to help support our clients with their offshore wind strategies and Black2Green transformations.  

A sincere welcome to the team, Carsten!

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