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Introducing Green Ducklings
Enabling the supply chain to tap into the 2000GW offshore wind business.


Global offshore wind capacity installed (gwec)



Global offshore wind capacity target (gowa)


The global target for clean offshore energy is to achieve a global offshore wind capacity of 2000 GW by 2050. In other words, within the next 28 years, the global capacity needs to expand to more than 3000% of the current installed capacity.

At Green Ducklings, we are ready to assist you in participating in this historic energy transformation. Together, we will transition from Black2Green.

What we do

With the right tools, strategies and roadmaps, it is possible to turn the tables and lead a company from black to green, and to grow your business within renewables.
At Green Ducklings, we specialize in offshore wind advisory services and provide tailored industry support to authorities, developers and supply chain companies. Our services include general strategic guidance, lease bid management, supply chain assessments, investment- and due diligence services, as well as support on operational excellence projects. By working closely with your team, we help improve your odds for success in offshore wind, while considering your company’s unique story, current strategy, and vision for the future.

With our expertise, we can guide your company towards a more sustainable and profitable future. Let us help you turn the tables and lead your business towards a green tomorrow.

What you get


Supply chain investigation and tactics

Project portfolio planning

Executional readiness


M&A Process

Market and target screening

Due dilligence

Risk management & insurability

Board and management support


Bid Management

Sales strategy

Market entry strategy

Our approach

At Green Ducklings, we are able to support your company on multiple levels. You might be looking for an advisor to help formulate and implement your offshore wind strategy. Or you might need guidance to assess and challenge your strategy or new technical concept. Maybe you just need an expert mentor for a key employee.
We understand the nature of offshore wind, and are able to engage with your team on all organisational levels. Depending on the challenges you face, or the strategic ideas you have, we can take various positions such as: 

The Devil's Advocate

You might have a strategy laid out, but find value in a second opinion from industry experts to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Or you might be in a process of developing a new concept, but wish to be challenged on your commercial strategy.

The Facilitator

Maybe you are new to offshore wind and need a facilitator to support you formulating your stratey and to help you implement it. Or you are planning an internal workshop and need a neutural expert to facilitate the dialouge and ensure the optimal outcome.

The Guide

You know offshore wind but seek guidance on new business segments, as well as investment and market opportunities.

You can use a guide to get your strategic thoughts in a system and to solidly anchor this into your organisation.   

The Advisor

Offshore wind is your DNA and your strategy is ready, but you find value in expert support on ad hoc services or look for support to implement your strategy.

About us

Green Ducklings is a strategic management advisory with the sole purpose of increasing the value of companies by efficiently facilitating strategic guidance and diversification processes in offshore wind – in short we help improve any company’s odds for success in offshore wind.

About Green Ducklings
Green Ducklings was founded by three Executive Management partners with the common vision of being Masters “Black2Green” transformations.

The sole purpose of Green Ducklings is to increase the value of companies by efficiently facilitating strategic guidance and diversification processes in offshore wind.

Our senior industry specialists leverage an extensive network within the offshore wind as well as the Oil and Gas markets. Our collected experience exceeds 15 years in the offshore Oil and Gas sector and more than 100 years of total experience in the offshore wind.

The offered processes has been tested, proven and refined by the Green Ducklings team, including collaboration partners.

Integrated Wind Solutions AS holds 97% ownership of Green Ducklings A/S.

Our purpose:
Green Ducklings refers to the mission of the company – to facilitate the breeding of green ducklings that will become the Green Swans of tomorrow in offshore wind energy. The name merges the fairy tale of HC Andersen with the Green Swan concept recently introduced by Professor John Elkington. The tale needs no introduction, whereas a Green Swan delivers exponential progress in the form of economic, social, and environmental wealth creation. At worst, it achieves this outcome in two dimensions while holding the third steady. There may be a period of adjustment where one or more dimensions underperform, but the aim is an integrated breakthrough in all three dimensions.

Put in the context of offshore wind, our point is quite simple – if we want to successfully deliver on the ambitious growth targets set by our industry, we need to support the transformation and building of numerous, successful Green Swan companies. The starting point is for companies to actively take part in the industry’s growth opportunities and to begin the breeding of many green ducklings. When executed properly, companies can make this shift to a renewable industry and achieve above market profits.


At Green Ducklings, we represent a dynamic blend of seasoned industry experts and fresh, innovative talent. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Kristian Jacobsen
Founder & Managing Director

Wind energy professional since 2007

Commercial master degree and dedicated to executive sales and business development.

Kristian brings strong strategic and market insights together with an extensive industry network from previous positions at Fred. Olsen Ocean and CS Wind with particularly strong focus on Balance of Plant supply chain companies.
+45 5118 2061

Inger Dahl Leschly
Chief Operating

Wind energy professional since 2008

Inger holds a commercial master degree and brings 10+ years experience from the offshore wind supply chain having held project manage-ment and leadership positions in both MHI Vestas, Segula, MAKE Consulting, Nissens, and COWI.

At Green Ducklings, Inger leads our client deliveries.
+45 4094 1596

Christina AAbo

Wind energy professional since 1998

As former Head of R&D at Ørsted since 2010 and with technology product portfolio management positions at Vestas, Suzlon and NEG Micon extending back to 1998, Christina is a champion of innovations relentlessly pushing for new solutions in the offshore wind market.
+45 4020 7561

Adrian Bucica
Senior Consultant

Seasoned management consultant

Adrian leverage 20+ years from international manage-ment consulting and strategic leadership at Kearney and for the past years he headed up offshore wind strategy and BoP innovations at SiemensGamesa.

At Green Ducklings, Adrian leads strategic client engagements capitalizing on his razor-sharp management consulting competence.
+45 3037 4536

Jesper Sevelsted

Green Ducklings UK Representative

With a background within business development engineering Jesper has a strong ability to bridge technical insights with commercial value.

At Green Ducklings, Jesper supports project deliveries and front client engagements capitalizing on his industry experience within offshore wind asset integrity and operations strategies.
+44 75 3839 5017


Internationalisation & policy specialist

With a degree in International Business, Frederik combines skills within cross culture management and international negotiation. Frederik further leverage a background as Energy Advisor with the Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in Oslo with a domain skillset in internationalisation, stakeholder mangement, public affairs and policy. 
At Green Ducklings, Frederik supports project deliveries and front client engagments.
+45 3042 9631

Frederik Lambrecht

New offshore wind talent

Frederik holds a degree in Business Development Engineering, combining commercial knowledge with innovation and engineeing.  Frederik has previously worked across engineering, consulting, IT projects, business analytics and management reporting at LEGO and Kaastrup|Andersen.

At Green Ducklings, Frederik leverages this combination of skills to support clients’ projects.
+45 2629 6031

Kristian Ravn
Founder & Executive advisor

Wind professional with roots in oil & gas

With an engineering degree and +10 years in top executive positions from manpower management and systems solutions in O&G at ABB and Semco Maritime and technology companies in offshore wind under Fred. Olsen Ocean and recently in Moreld Ocean Wind, Kristian brings a strong technical expertise and deep insights to the floating wind supply chain. 
+45 4088 6037

Jesper Uhre Larsen
Founder & Executive advisor

Wind energy professional since 1999

Originating from management positions at Vestas and as CEO for the Danish tower manufacturing facility Welcon. Jesper has for the last +10 years held executive management and board positions at Danish SME supply chain companies.
+45 4167 9090

Mathias hörmann
Senior consultant

Energy industry professional since 2001

Mathias capitalize on 30+ years working as Senior Underwriter latest at Munich RE predominantly in the Energy Sector.
At Green Ducklings Mathias brings unique insights to the do’s and don’ts and best practices in the insurance market.

Torgeir Ramstad
Executive advisor

Wind energy professional since 2012

Executive advisor originating from MD positions in O&G marine construction until 2012 where he moved to EPCI contracting and heavy lift vessels in offshore wind. Top executive positions at Seaway7, OHT, Fred. Olsen and Aker Solutions.
+47 9159 8690

Rasmus Bastrup

New offshore wind talent
Rasmus has been working part-time for Green Ducklings since 2022. When he is not supporting our clients, he is currently in his final year of his cand.oecon studies.

At Green Ducklings, Rasmus is a valuable teammember helping our clients with financial modelling, Monte Carlo simulations and other data modelling. Additionally, Rasmus is a skilled researcher, having supported a lot of our Supply Chain studies.  


New offshore wind talent
Stine has recently graduated from her studies in international business (cand.merc ib) at Aarhus University. She brings an curious mind and an eagerness to apply her abilities within the world of offshore wind.

At Green Ducklings, Stine will be supporting our project execution with her flair for internatial business and research.

Lasse Mikkelsen

New offshore wind talent
Lasse holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Economics and Business administration. During his studies he spent half a year, working as a commercial intern at the Danish Embassy in Australia. In this role, Lasse focused on international trade, including early-stage offshore wind projects. Lasse further brings experience from his role as a Network Consultant at JP Aurora.

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