Are you the next Green Duckling?

At Green Ducklings, we’re continuously seeking talented people to join our team and contribute to increasing our clients’ odds for success in the offshore wind industry. If you’re passionate about making a significant impact and have the skills to help our clients become the green swans of the future, we want to hear from you.

While we currently don’t have any open positions, we are still eager to hear from those who believe they have something unique to contribute to our team.

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are you the next member of our team?

How to apply

At Green Ducklings we are always on the lookout for new talent!

We’ll be screening candidates on an ongoing basis, so send us your CV as soon as possible (email to Since we would rather see your application fly in than take up your time, an application letter is optional. But we would love to know why you think a role with us would be a perfect match for you! ┬áIf you have any questions about a position, please contact our COO Inger Dahl Leschly (+45 4094 1596).

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