Meet Green Ducklings at Wind Europe Electric City 2021
Kristian Jacobsen
13 November 2021

Moving ever closer to WindEurope #ElectricCity2021, we look forward to the rarity of face-to-face meetings with some of the 20+ companies who have entrusted us to “improve their odds for success in offshore wind”! More than 50% have committed to our GD Service Agreement, and others have continued on large project engagemets or ad hoc basis. The client pack is a solid mix of developers, EPCIs, marine technology providers, floating wind specialists, component and service providers. 

More announcements to come as we soft launch Green Ducklings 2.0 with a couple of new hires – all best in class within offshore wind strategic consultancy aimed at improving the odds for success!

Want to learn more? Reach out and see you in Copenhagen soon. 

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