SEC2021: Supplying to offshore wind? How to make your offering relevant to the developer.
Kristian Jacobsen
2 August 2021

Stavanger Energy Conference
Day 2: August 26, 2021 

Kristian Ascanius Jacobsen
Partner at Green Ducklings 


Over the past decade, the offshore wind industry has transformed from being a local North European energy phenomenon into being a truly global business competing on a competitive basis with traditional energy sources. Over 30 years, the industry has managed to deploy a little more than 30GW capacity. In this decade, the expectation is to more than quadruple the installed base – the Norwegian market is entering the scene with its first commercial-scale offshore wind projects. 

In the midst of the global pandemic, most world nations and companies alike are betting big on the global energy transition – Black2Green transformations are top of the agenda and offshore wind is a key lever to reach the targets. Investment appetite in the green energy transformation from Norwegian companies is higher than ever, and the race is on to become the “Lykkeland” success story of this decade!

But what are developers looking for in their suppliers? 

Does it suffice to focus on the domestic market? 

Does being an O&G supplier to an energy major automatically qualify you to supply their wind projects?  

What defines the “winning recipe”?

Green Ducklings is founded by three Executive Management partners, with the common vision of being masters of “Black2Green” transformations. The sole purpose of Green Ducklings is to increase the value of companies by efficiently facilitating a diversification into offshore wind business. In our engagements, we leverage our extensive network from a combined 40 years in offshore wind and 15 years in the Oil and Gas markets. The offered process has been tested, proven and refined by the Green Ducklings team including collaboration partners. 

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