Project Manager with vast experience in offshore wind port handling and project freight forwarding joins Green Ducklings.
Frederik Greve
4 January 2023

With more and more of our work evolving around ports and the unique logistical challenges faced as both projects and component continue to grow ever larger and complex, we are happy to welcome Michael Rud to the team at Green Ducklings and IWS Services as Project Manager – Port Logistics.

Michael leverages +20 years experience with port handling and project freight forwarding services. For the majority of this period his work engagements have evolved around in-depth and hands-on task within the offshore wind industry through positions at leading port handling & freight forwarder suppliers combined with valuable insight and experience from two WTG OEM employments.

At Green Ducklings Michael will support client activities related to ports, logistics and transport services with down to earth insights on how ports operate, how cargo is moved and how port operators plus service providers can control risks and bring forward relevant solutions to address the many bottlenecks faced as our industry scales up rapidly over this decade. 

A sincere welcome to the team, Michael!

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